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Rita Abrams Paul Liberatore

Joan Baez

Ronnie Lott
Jay Blakesberg David A. Lusterman
Tom Cohen Lane Murchison
Jorge Costa Toby Nady
Peter Coyote Dan Nowell
Jimmy Dillon Steve Page
Mary Doan Chris Peck
Adam Fells Tucky Pogue
Ben Fong-Torres Michael Pritchard
Penelope Gerbode Jason Rezaian
Wally Haas Merl Saunders, Jr.
David Harris Lana Severn
Gabriel Harris Elizabeth Share
Kirke Hasson Katie Smith
Mickey Hart Rick Swig
Maureen Hochler Dr. Bruce S. Victor
Tom Johnston Michael Zagaris
Brenda Laribee


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My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses. 

-Carlos Santana

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