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News and information from Bread & Roses, a non-profit organization that presents live music to bring hope, healing and joy to the community.

Live Music as a Connecting Force: Violinist Robert Gupta Plays at LA Mental Health Clinic on KQED California Report

Robert Gupta's story is an inspiration to us all: not only does he play first chair violin for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, he is also their youngest performer, having joined the orchestra in 2007 at the age of 19. What is perhaps most remarkable about this young prodigy is that in addition to his professional music career, he also directs his own free concert series, The Street Symphony, which brings live classical music to the homeless and mentally ill on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. KQED's California Report recently did an audio story on Robert's social service outreach, which includes comments from the patients after his concert. You can listen to the report here.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Bread & Roses serves a number of residential mental health facilities at major hospitals including short-term units at San Francisco General, and California Pacific Medical Center, as well as longer-term treatment facilities such as Cordilleras in Redwood City and Canyon Manor in Novato.  Among our most challenging audiences, we know that mental health patients, particularly those who are also homeless, can be hard to engage and at the same time, are often deeply appreciative of and positively affected by music's healing force.

Gupta's interest in music as therapy for the mentally ill was perhaps inspired in 2008 when he met and began tutoring Nathanial Ayers, the schizophrenic musical virtuoso who is the subject of the bestselling book, The Soloist by L.A. Times columnist, Steve Lopez. Many of you might be familiar with the film adaptation, which stars Jamie Fox and Robert Downey Jr. Of his time working with Ayers, Gupta remarked that he was struck by how music seemed to calm Ayers and act as a sort of medicine or therapy. It was at that time that Robert began The Street Symphony.

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Teen Performer Lucy Krakow is Local "Whiz Kid"

Budding jazz chanteuse Lucy Krakow is a featured “Whiz Kid” on this week’s Larkspur Corte Madera Patch. While at Redwood High School, Lucy was a volunteer performer for Bread & Roses who did concerts for three different facility audiences. An inventive jazz singer with her own distinctive style, Lucy is also a talented singer-songwriter as well as guitarist. 

For her Bread & Roses shows, she brought her talents as a creative collaborator to the forefront by recruiting three musicians to perform with her. At Marin Services for Women (MSW) she performed original songs she co-wrote with Katie Hamilton who is now at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. At Aldersly in San Rafael, a residential community for seniors, she played jazz standards with saxophone player Jake Botts. At Our Common Ground, a rehab for teens in Redwood City, she performed in a charming and inspirational duet with her brother Roger.

Michelle Doty, a volunteer host for Bread & Roses, said of the concert at MSW that “They revealed hopes and dreams through their music...The diversity in the room, apparent in age and race, was brought back together in a circle of music with women.”

Lucy has now moved to New York City where she has a scholarship to study voice and music production at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Congratulations Lucy, we will miss you in the Bay Area but know you will take the Big Apple by storm!

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Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir Rocks the House at Bread & Roses show at Crossroads

OIGC Director, Terrance Kelly takes a turn at the microphone.

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir -- their name says it all. Buddhists, Christians, Jews and others join their voices to sing traditional and contemporary Black Gospel music. Many races and ethnicities blend into one beautiful chorus. Residents of Crossroads Homeless Shelter in Oakland were engulfed by the powerful sound that filled their dining hall during a recent Bread & Roses concert there. Some laughed, some cried as songs of trials and faith touched their hearts. “Never Alone,” “All I Need,” and upon request “Amazing Grace” buoyed the spirits of folks facing a hard time in their lives.


Volunteer host Barb Withers who attended the show wrote, “There was a shared energy in the room and it just kept encircling everyone with love and strength. It was hard to believe how much the music filled the room, and as it did, more and more of the audience stood smiling, clapping and singing to the inspiring music.”

Choir member connects with audience member

After the show, a young choir member said that she was especially happy to be working with Bread & Roses. She had been inspired by seeing shows while attending a high school for students with special needs. She was now able to give back to the organization that gave to her.

OIGC has been blessing Bread & Roses audiences since 1990, performing regularly in detention centers, rehab facilities and shelters.




By Carolyn Gauthier, Program Director

Photos by Peter Merts


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Bay Vibes CD "Songwriters Unplugged Live @ Yoshi's" Benefits Bread & Roses

Bay Vibes Songwriters Unplugged, the first CD from nearly two years of Sunday night concerts featuring the Bay Area's best singer-songwriters at Yoshi's in San Francisco, is now available for purchase on CD Baby.  Co-sponsored by SF Bay Vibes and Sonic Zen Records, all proceeds benefit Bread & Roses' mission to bring live music to those who are isolated in Bay Area institutions. 

Of the artists on this recording, a half-dozen are either current or former Bread & Roses performers who are mainly acoustic guitar and keyboard-based and sometimes have a variety of other accompaniment.  Their not-to-be-missed songs include Megan Slankard's  "Planets"; Jeff Campbell's "Southern"; Garrin Benfield's "Unbound"; Heather Combs "Time and Time Again"; Francesca Lee's "Maybe Today" and Valerie Orth's "Beyond This Song."   

This recording represents the pinnacle performances of some of the hundreds of songwriters who have taken the stage in this weekly series. Founded in 2009 by Robin Applewood of SF Bay Vibes and Charlie Wilson of Sonic Zen Records, the two are a formidable duo in bringing performers and fans together in new combinations and in creating an evolving community to support songwriters and musicians playing original acoustic music.  

Bay Vibes is committed to providing the best of Bay Area music to like-minded people in a positive and conscious environment.  Sonic Zen helps dedicated musicians make great recordings.  Bread & Roses brings hope and healing through live music to those who need it most and every CD you buy helps us do just that. 

Listen to these songs and you will see why our facility audiences are blessed to have artists of this caliber performing every day for them in isolated circumstances.  We'd love to hear your response to this uniquely collaborative project...

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SPECIAL OFFER! Discount Tickets to Teatro ZinZanni with Joan Baez on Sun. July 31st!!

My how time flies when you are having fun! Teatro ZinZanni is offering the Bread & Roses community a special ticket price for their current show: Maestro's Enchantment on Sunday, July 31st.

Joan Baez has been illuminating Teatro ZinZanni's Spiegeltent since June and she will be starring her last performance of Maestro's Enchantment that day.

Due to popular demand, Madame ZinZanni has added one more matinee show to the schedule for 11:30am on July 31st. As a special offer to our fabulous Bread & Roses community, you can reserve tickets at the special price of $76 for this last matinee show. Call Teatro ZinZanni's box office at 415-438-2668 and mention "Maestro's Roses" to purchase tickets with this special offer today!



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"Tales of the City" mentions Mimi Fariña, Bread & Roses founder

Tales of the City, A New Musical

Long-time Bread & Roses volunteer and supporter Ken Harrison reported that he recently saw Armistead Maupin's "Tales of The City" a new musical at ACT's Geary Theater.  He recalls that two years ago he was asked to drive Mr. Maupin to a benefit awards ceremony at the Herbst Theater.  As they drove, Ken mentioned Bread & Roses and its founder Mimi Fariña.  Mr. Maupin remembered that he had mentioned Mimi in his first "Tales of the City" novel.  (See chapter Their First Date on page 75 in the most recent paperback edition).

When Ken recently saw the musical version of the book, he happily noted that the line "Oh look! There's Mimi Fariña... she's Joan Baez's sister"  from the book made it into the staged version of the story.  Noting that the play is set in San Francisco in 1976, shortly after Mimi Fariña founded Bread & Roses, Ken said this prompted him to recall pleasant memories and it appeared this was true for the audience too. 

Let us know if you have seen "Tales of the City" and what memories it brought up for you!     

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Marshall Chapman Captivates her Audience at New Bridge in Berkeley

Please Note: This blog is best view in Firefox or Google Chrome.

Having written songs recorded by Emmylou Harris and Joe Cocker, Marshall Chapman is very plugged in to the songwriting socket. Her styles range from Alternative Country to Rock 'n Roll, and her intelligent humor pervades all of her writing including her books. While in the Bay Area recently to promote her  new book, They Came to Nashville on West Coast Live, she performed her first institutional concert for Bread & Roses.

On June 19, 2011 Marshall shared songs and stories with the men and women working on their sobriety at New Bridge Foundation in Berkeley. "Music and 12-step programs saved my life," she told them. Songs about her life before, during and after recovery (from substance abuse) were met with great enthusiasm and empathy. "Why Can't You Be Like Other Girls" told of how she didn't fit the mold growing up in South Carolina. "Goodbye Forever" chronicled her obsession and difficulty in kicking a bad relationship. And the happy ending song reminded everyone that "It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood."

Sprinkling her set with readings from her books illuminated the life experiences that inform Marshall's songwriting. She sang, "I'm a girl in a bubble just staying out of trouble, that's all!" And at that moment in time, which as Marshall said is really all we have, the room was filled with a sense of affection between performer and audience that was palpable. Many thanks go out to Marshall for her wonderful and heartfelt performance.

Learn more about Marshall by visiting her website:

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Joan Baez stars in "Maestro's Enchantment"

(Please note: this blog is best viewed using Firefox.)

Grammy-award winning Joan Baez has been an essential musical force and free speech activist for over 50 years, and she has now made a very welcome return to Teatro ZinZanni as Madame ZinZanni in "Maestro's Enchantment." In her starring role, she reunites with The Maestro, played by master illusionist, Yevgeniy Voronin, when she returns to the Spiegeltent with her mysterious 18th century circus troupe.


Joan first joined Teatro ZinZanni ten years ago and continues to capture the hearts of all with her radiant energy and of course, that voice! She will be performing alongside a brilliant and beautiful cast in "Maestro's Enchantment" until July 31 at Pier 29 on the Embarcadero. Call the Box Office at 415-438-2668 or visit for more information and tickets.

Joan Baez, the sister of Bread & Roses founder Mimi Fariña (1945-2001), has performed at enumerable benefit events over our 36 years and supported our mission of bringing hope, healing and joy to isolated audiences. We salute Joan's superior artistry, vitality and charm. You won't want to miss her performance as Madame ZinZanni.

Teatro ZinZanni has also been a steadfast supporter of Bread & Roses. This "sister" nonprofit organization has hosted several Bread & Roses benefit events over the last magical seven years, sharing its special brand of joy with our friends. It is our pleasure to recommend that you see "Maestro's Enchantment" - it's a great show and a fabulous evening of love, chaos and dinner.

For a recent update on Teatro ZinZanni's possible relocation next year, please see this New York Times article: "Forced Move May Mean the End of Teatro ZinZanni." Please show your support of this great cultural institution by checking out their website and liking them on Facebook.

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Bread & Roses @ Kate Wolf Festival June 24-26

Kate Wolf Music Festival Poster

All fans of contemporary acoustic music -- join us this weekend at The 2011 Kate Wolf Festival at Wavy Gravy's Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, CA.  Kate Wolf helped to repopularize folk music in Northern CA in the 70's and was a nationally known singer-songwriter/guitarist who died in 1986.  

Bread & Roses will have a table next to the good folks at the SEVA Foundation on the right close to the main stage.   Bread & Roses performers, who are a part of the line-up include: Taj Mahal who headlines Friday night; Aaron Redner with Hot Buttered Rum; Corrine West and Kelly Joe Phelps; Americana finger-style guitarist Stevie Coyle along with many other wonderful  musicians who can be seen throughout the weekend.    

A special thanks to Festival producer Cloud Moss who has given us a place at the Festival for so many years, going back to the days when Mimi Fariña would make an appearance. Gratitude also to Terry Fowler of Owl Productions who has donated a percentage of proceeds from Kate Wolf merchandising  to Bread & Roses for many years.  Many Kate Wolf Festival-goers have also supported Bread & Roses through the years. Stop by to say hello and share your favorite Bread & Roses story with us.  

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Digital sales of Audrey Auld's "Bread and Roses" song benefit our work

Audrey Auld - Come Find Me cover art

Singer-songwriter/guitarist Audrey Auld has generously offered to donate all digital sales of  her "Bread and Roses" song released on her new CD Come Find Me. She wrote the song in 2006 when she went into San Quentin to do a workshop for Bread & Roses. Since she was not allowed to bring in more than her guitar or give anything to the inmates when she went in, her song was her gift.

The song is now available for downloads through iTunes and is included in Audrey's recent songbook "Write Out Loud." For more info, visit Audrey at

Originally from Tasmania, Audrey met her husband while he was surfing on a beach in Australia. Since he was from Bolinas, he convinced her to move to the Bay Area where she volunteered for Bread & Roses. After they got married, they moved to Nashville where Audrey is currently based.  Since she tours for most of the year, we are thrilled that Audrey will be back to do some additional concerts for Bread & Roses when she is in the area this fall. 


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“The Power of Music to Affect the Brain”

The Power of Music cover

At Bread & Roses every day, we are privileged to witness the healing power of music, and today scientists and neurologists are confirming what we’ve known for over 37 years: that “humans are hardwired to respond to music.”  

Listen to this June 1st interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan, where he interviews Elena Mannes, author of The Power of Music: Pioneering Discoveries in the New Science of Song. Esteemed neurologist and president of the Society for Music Perception and CognitionAni Patel joins in on the conversation. There is also a link to the transcript, as well as an excerpt from the book when you view the story on NPR's website.

How have you been affected by the power of music? Please share on our blog or our Facebook page.





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The Music Never Stopped: Share Your Thoughts on Music, Memory and Healing

Bread & Roses serves people of all ages and backgrounds who are isolated in institutions. Some of them suffer from lapses in memory.  We have seen seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, who may not recognize their grandchildren, but are still able to recall all the lyrics of a song.

Those who know the power that music has to invoke memory will appreciate The Music Never Stopped, a 2011 Sundance Film Festival pick that examines the relationship between memory, music, and healing. In the film, Gabriel (Lou Taylor Pucci), is reunited with his parents, Henry (J.K. Simmons) and Helen Sawyer (Cara Seymour), when he turns up at a hospital in New York in 1986 with a large, yet benign brain tumor that has severely damaged his memory.  The past, present and future are virtually indistinguishable for him and he is incapable of interacting with those around him, including his parents, from whom he’s been estranged for 20 years.

When medicine and traditional therapy fail to help Gabriel regain his memory, Henry contacts a music therapist, Dianne Daley (Julia Ormond), who discovers that when Gabriel listens to the music that he loved as an adolescent, especially the Grateful Dead, he is able to reconnect with the world. We all have a soundtrack to our lives, and somehow that musical memory seems to survive even the most traumatic of brain injuries.

This movie is based on “The Last Hippie,” a case study in the anthology, An Anthropologist on Mars by renowned neurologist and music therapy advocate, Oliver Sacks, who is also the author of Awakenings, Musicophilia and The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat. Although the movie has an indie feel, Jim Kohlberg's directorial debut deftly captures the astonishing power of music to bring hope and healing to a man crippled and isolated by a neurological disease. When Gabriel listens to music that is familiar to him, Henry is able to communicate and bond with his son.

Perhaps, the best part of this film is the soundtrack which perfectly encapsulates the story and includes three previously unreleased tracks by the Grateful Dead, as well as music by Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Buffalo Springfield. Each of these musicians felt strongly enough about this movie to donate the rights to their music, without which Kohlberg would not have been able to make the film.

So, whether you are a Dead-head, an all-around music lover or are simply interested in psychology and the science behind music therapy, this movie will touch you, and encourage you to think about the connection between music, memory and experience. Think about it, if all you had was music to remind you of who you are, what songs would be included on the soundtrack to your life?


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Congratulations Joan Baez for Amnesty Award

Long-time Bread & Roses supporter Joan Baez was honored on Friday March 18 by Amnesty International at the opening ceremony of its 50th annual convention at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco where she received the first annual "Joan Baez Award for Outstanding, Inspirational Service in the Global Fight for Human Rights."  

Joan was honored for a lifetime of human rights advocacy work and for the inspiration she has given to like-minded artists and activists throughout the world.  She and her sister, the late Mimi Fariña who founded Bread & Roses, were known as the "Peace & Justice" sisters for their dedication to various human rights causes.  Joan famously marched arm in arm with Dr. Martin Luther King and has traveled around the world participating in human rights missions throughout her long career.  

In a film produced just for the tribute, Joan's son Gabe Harris, a percussionist who has volunteered for Bread & Roses through his nonprofit Rhythm Village, said that his mother has never wavered in her dedication to supporting human rights.  Sting, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne also gave heartfelt testimonials on film about the power of Joan's artistry and musical activism.  

The tribute was the inaugural event for the award which will then be presented annually by Amnesty International to an artist - music, film sculpture, paint or other medium - who has similarly helped advance human rights.  

At this year's event, several artists who are human rights activists inspired by Joan's example also performed a live tribute called "Unite & Illuminate: A Musical Celebration Honoring Joan Baez and the Inspirational Power of Music-based Activism."  Featured artists were Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and death penalty abolitionist Steve Earle; Saul Hernandez, singer & songwriter of the Grammy award-winning rock bands Caifanes and Jaguares; Dispatch/State Radio musician and activist Chad Stokes.  

In the company of over one thousand Amnesty International activists from all over the world, including young organizers who spoke movingly of their challenges in Egypt and Mexico, Joan sang"There But for Fortune" by Phil Ochs and  "God is God" a song by Steve Earle that she recorded on her latest release Day After Tomorrow.  The tribute concluded with Joan singing John Lennon's "Imagine" with all the musicians on stage.  She reminded everyone of the important work of Amnesty and how it achieves results. Never stop doing the work, she said,  because you never know when your call or letter will be the one to make a difference.  


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Bread & Roses Supports Whistlestop

Bread & Roses has served Whistlestop in San Rafael for over five years, bringing concerts to seniors at their special lunchtime events. Their monthly newsletter, the Whistlestop Express, is known as the leading information resource for Marin's active aging movement. The Feb. 2011 issue featured an article by Bread & Roses Executive Director Cassandra Flipper, "Bread & Roses Connects Heart to Heart Through Music."

Christmas Jug Band

Bread & Roses recently presented The Christmas Jug Band at Whistlestop


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Oberlin Intern Kelsey Robertson Reflects on Her Bread & Roses Experience


Kelsey with Si

Kelsey Robertson with Jazz Pianist Si Perkoff at Laguna Honda Hospital 1/26/2011 


As a third-year vocal performance major at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music I decided to fulfill my Winter Term Project by interning with Bread & Roses for three weeks. As a young child I was exposed to the healing power of music. My Mom has been an Activity Director at a long-term care facility for over twenty years where I began performing at the age of seven. They were my first audiences. My friends and I would plan shows that involved elaborate costumes, dancing and singing along to CDs. This background drew me to Bread & Roses’ mission as I thought it would give me an in- depth look into the art of sharing music with those in need.

My experience with Bread & Roses has greatly exceeded my expectations. My assignments have been diverse and fulfilling. I have performed at five different facilities, observed and hosted performances, and written “essence stories” about the programs I attended.  I also started a project to recruit college and high school performers to do concerts for Bread & Roses. 

I have been fortunate to be able to do what I love – perform! I had the privilege of working with three different professional pianists and I sang two completely different styles of music – classical and musical theatre. At school, I study classical repertoire, so singing with a jazz pianist was a challenging yet rewarding experience.  I learned how to have more musical freedom in a performance and how to better communicate with an accompanist. 

Performing for these audiences has been extremely rewarding.  At my first performance at a convalescent home for people with dementia, many clients were lip-singing to every song and swaying in their seats. It was a gift to be able to help them recall their memories through live music. At the same show I noticed an older couple in the audience sitting next to one another. When I sang “Unforgettable,” I saw the man affectionately hold the woman’s hand. This moment brought a deeper meaning to the music for me and I was grateful for the ability to see these people experience such joy. 

At a hospital, a wheelchair-bound client wearing a blue helmet conducted the music I was singing. As he waved, he would always bring his hand back to his heart. Experiences like this show me the profound affect music has on people. After each performance I shook hands with audience members and listened to their positive feedback. I was grateful to be able to share my gift and brighten someone’s day.

Training to be a host entailed learning how to use the PA system, attending several performances with mentors, writing essence stories of what transpired at the shows, and being a program emcee. During my training as a host, two particular instances stand out from my essence stories. 

At a concert for the Children’s Learning Center, a special needs school in Alameda, Beatboxer Charles Moselle performed an outstanding musical show filled with various instruments, improvisation and beatboxing. “After his performance he asked if any audience members would like to come up and share their talents. A young girl bravely raised her hand. She leaned into the microphone and belted out a favorite pop song while Charles accompanied her with his vocal percussion. This turned into a catchy on-the-spot collaboration. After this, the amount of raised hands began to grow as more students wanted to share their talents. The performances that followed went from a heartfelt opera aria to an improvised rap.  It was meaningful for me to be a witness to the children who were inspired to share their own music.

Performers Misner & Smith recently did an Americana style concert at The Cedars Textile Arts Center, a program for developmentally disabled adults in San Rafael.  Before beginning one of the most popular songs  ‘This Land is Your Land’, Megan Smith told everyone to feel free to sing along. As soon as the first syllable of ‘this’ was sung, the room was filled with ringing voices. The sound gave me chills as everyone in the place celebrated an American classic.

I also began a college, university and high school recruitment project. I developed a list of schools in the Bay Area with strong music programs. I called the music departments to make contact with faculty members who could coordinate students to volunteer for Bread & Roses.  With the help of Bread & Roses staff, I compiled an email of the organization’s information and created an outreach letter which was sent out to music directors and youth performers.

The awareness that Bread & Roses has brought to so many communities and people is something I would like to embody myself. Whether it might be starting my own non-profit organization like Bread & Roses someday or encouraging my musical friends to get involved, I hope to bring back to my community what I have learned.  Bread & Roses has given me a first-hand look at the power and beauty of music. To work side by side with people who are so committed to reaching out to those in need and who believe so strongly in the healing power of music is inspiring. Not only have I been introduced to many new experiences but I also have had the pleasure of working with the fine staff, talented performers and dedicated volunteers of Bread & Roses. Thank you Bread & Roses, for giving me the honor to be part of such an extraordinary organization. 

Photo by Marian Hubler

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A Big Salute to our Heart of Marin Volunteer Nominees

Bread & Roses salutes our Heart of Marin volunteer nominees for this year:  performers Arthur Javier and Matt Jaffe. The annual award ceremony is sponsored by The Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL).  Close to 800 people attended the event on Thursday January 6 at Marin Exhibit Hall honoring local volunteers, nonprofit workers, board members and civic leaders.  

Novato resident Arthur Javier has been a volunteer performer for Bread & Roses since  2006. He delights our many institutional audiences, especially seniors, with his wide range of songs from other countries which he often sings in different languages.  He is always willing to step in at the last minute when we need a performer to fill in and in addition, helps as a volunteer host. 

Mill Valley resident Matt Jaffe is a talented teen performer who is a sophomore at Branson High School.  A volunteer since 2007,   Matt has a fully evolved style as a singer-songwriter/acoustic guitarist.   His performances are especially inspirational for his peers. He has performed for other teens in special needs schools and rehabs served by Bread & Roses.   

Thanks to all the great work of so many talented volunteers in Marin County and throughout the Bay Area.  As emcee Jan Wahl noted, "Everybody here today is part of the solution." 

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Epworth Ministry Concert Fri. Dec. 18 to Benefit Bread & Roses

The Epworth Music & Arts Ministry will present a concert with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Bread & Roses on Friday Dec. 17 at 7:30 pm.  Featured performers are: Valerie Orth, Tara Tinsley, Marimba Maya, Brazen Squirrels and the Albany Allstars.  Tix are $15 Advance and $20 At the Door.  The door opens at 7 pm and the concert will be held in the church which is located at 1953 Hopkins Street, Berkeley. 

Our generous and creative supporters throughout the Bay Area mean a lot to Bread & Roses. The proceeds from this concert presented by the Epworth Ministry will help Bread & Roses bring hope and healing through live music to a number of institutional audiences in Berkeley including Harrison House and Center for Elders Independence. 

Thanks to all who give back to those who need it most during the holiday season...

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Peet's Supports Bread & Roses - A Community Tradition

Peet's Community tagline

Please join Peet's Coffee & Tea in support of Bread & Roses as part of their annual Holiday Donations program.  Peet's (Corte Madera) staffers voted - and Bread & Roses again won the honor of being the beneficiary of their holiday fundraising efforts!


During the week of December 17 - 24, Peet's will match up to $1,000 of the customer contributions collected.  So please stop by, enjoy some of the best coffee or tea around and tip generously!  Your donation of any amount will truly make a difference, bringing hope and joy to our neighbors most in need.  On Sat. Dec. 18, join acclaimed finger-style guitarist Stevie Coyle and Bread & Roses producer Marian Hubler for some holiday tunes from 11 am until 12 noon...

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New Producer Francesca Lee Welcomed at Yearly Volunteer Host Gathering

Host Dinner 2010

On a recent fall evening in San Francisco, Bread & Roses Board member Sandy Popovich welcomed us all to her beautiful modern home for our annual gathering of volunteer hosts.    Forty-four active volunteers currently help us host our institutional programs throughout the Bay Area.   Our yearly dinner with this extraordinary group of volunteers lets us all have a chance to meet, tell favorite show highlights, ask questions and share feedback on how to make our program better.

Francesca Lee

This year's gathering was even more special as we all had the opportunity to meet new producer Francesca Lee, who graced us with one of her original songs.  Says Francesca about why she is excited to have the opportunity to produce concerts for Bread & Roses: “Music came early to me. I grew up in a family playing music of all kinds: folk, rock and cabaret. Singing changed me from being a shy child to reaching out and enjoying the marvelous communication possible between artist and audience. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts from Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England, I was well prepared for a career in music.  In my professional experience I have learned performance, self-motivation, organization, music management and most of all, how to develop strong relationships. Working as a producer for Bread & Roses will enable me to use all of my skills and give back to the community in deeply meaningful ways.” To learn more about Francesca or her CD, The Pieces Left, visit

Host Ira Potovsky with Kurt Huget

We miss our wonderful colleague Kurt Huget who has moved on from Bread & Roses, though we are grateful he will continue to share his great music as a volunteer performer, and that he will also continue as a volunteer host. 

Photos by Peter Merts


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Peet's Coffee-Corte Madera Open House & Holiday Shopping Event!



Peet's Coffee & Tea logo

Holiday Open House and Shopping Event
Saturday, December 11th - 11 am to 2 pm
Special offers, tastings, treats and product demos.

Hear live music by Bread & Roses performer, Kurt Huget!


Peet's Coffee - Corte Madera
77 Casa Buena Dr
Corte Madera, CA 94925
(415) 306-9340

Peet's Corte Madera has chosen Bread & Roses as the recipient of their

Holiday Giving Program, December 17 - 24.

Please visit our local Peet's, enjoy an amazing cup of coffee or tea
and support Bread & Roses at the same time!


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