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What does music mean to you?

While you are reading this, the curtain is rising on a Bread & Roses Presents performance nearby.

At Mills-Peninsula Senior Focus, as the music slows with a lovely rendition of Love Me Tender, an elderly woman named Rachel, quietly folded in her chair, looks up and says wistfully, “I can’t remember the last time I danced.” With a hand from staff, Rachel was up on her feet swaying to the music and smiling; and soon others, staff and clients, were inspired to join Rachel on the “dance floor.” In this diverse group of clients representing many cultures, speaking different languages and from varied backgrounds, it was evident that music truly is the universal language...

Read the full letter here: Fall Appeal Letter | Turning Donations Into Joy

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Performer Testimonial

My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses. -Carlos Santana
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