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"Every day of the year, Bread & Roses flings open the doors of one or more institutions around the Bay Area and provides nourishment for the heart and soul...No one we know does this as well as Bread & Roses and certainly no one we know has done it as long and as efficiently as Bread & Roses." 

-Pegi and Neil Young

 "Bread & Roses holds a special place in our hearts. We keep on giving because no one can argue with the power music has to open hearts and comfort minds."

-Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan

"I became a Bread & Roses volunteer performer and donor a long time ago. I am still supporting Bread & Roses because it meets a basic human need-the need for hope in hard times." 

-Pete Seeger

“My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses.”

-Carlos Santana

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My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses. 

-Carlos Santana

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