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Our volunteer performers are the lifeblood of our organization. Over 350 volunteer acts perform over 600 shows annually for Bread & Roses at more than 115 facilities in the greater Bay Area. If you are looking to hire exemplary talent or you want to find out more about the talented artists who volunteer for Bread & Roses, we encourage you to explore these website links.


Please note that not all volunteers are linked, only those who are currently active and have websites. Check back for updates.

To Our Volunteers

We appreciate your sharing your talent with Bread & Roses and our institutionalized audiences, so we would like to help you get the word out to our greater community about who you are and what you do. If you are an active volunteer performer for Bread & Roses and you have a website, we would like to post a link to your website on our site. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to participate.

Link to Bread & Roses

We encourage you to link back to us to drive traffic to our website. To link your website to Bread & Roses, please click here.

Alphabetical Listing of Performers

Acoustic Soul
Kyle Alden
The Amazing Bubble Man
Lauren Ari
Lynn Asher
Marianna August
Dave Austin
Patrick Ball
Masankho Banda
Joanie Bartels
Phil Bearce
Joanie Becker
Garrin Benfield
Benny & BeBe's Magic Circus
Laura Benward
Berkeley Broadway Singers
Syria Berry
Big Wide Grin
Keta Bill
Tracy Blackman
Ed Bogas
Jake Bolts

Andre Bostan

Todd Boston
Boswick Turnstyle

Tom Bowers

Paula Bradman
Bronkar Circus of Sound
Gentry Bronson
Dix Bruce

The Bubble Lady

The Bubs
Emily Butterfly

Ronnda Cadle

Tim Cain
James Campbell, Jr.
Pat Campbell
Danielle Cane
Vladimir Cardema
Shanna Carlson
Carnival of Chaos
Ricky Carter

Nancy Cassidy

Caterpillar Puppets
Caylia Chaiken
Dan Chan
Chazz Cats
Cole Child-Phillips
The Christmas Jug Band
Suzanne Ciani
Norris Clement
Cindy Cohen
Nancy Coleman

Jamie Coventry

Ashley Crawford
Danny Creed
Katherine Crocker
Debbie Ann Cucalón
Patrick Daly
Dancin' Dolphins
Garrick Davis
Steve de Laet
Anna de Leon
Eve Decker
Pierina dell'Avo
Elaine Dempsey
Destiny Harpist from the Hood
Wendy DeWitt
Ian Dogole
Rhoda Draws
Connie Ducey
Andrew Dudnick
Clan Dyken
Peter Eden
David Ervin
Diane Ferlatte
Paul Finocchiaro
Wendy Fitz
Kat Fitzgerald
Mary Fleming
William Florian
Flying Without Instruments
Rebecca Folsom
Ben Fong-Torres
Alexis Forchette
Jim Forman
Nancy Fox
Jonathan Francis
Andrew Freeman
Dave Fromer
Reed Fromer
Robin Galante
David Gans
Carolyn Gauthier
Paul Geller
The Genie
Dave Getz
Joan Getz
Connie Gill
Bob Gordon
Desirée Goyette
Scott Grace
Rob Grant
William Greene
Mike Greensill
Groovy Judy
Fran Guidry
Gustavo & Jessica
Amalia Guston
Patrice Haan
Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy
Tammy Hall
Judy Hall
Katie Hamilton
Brian Hand
Leslie Harlib
Julia Harrell
Robyn Harris
Heather Magic
Matt & Shannon Heaton
Dan Hicks
Jenny Hillebert
Ann Homrighausen
Andrew Hove
John Hoy
Michael Hoy
Ellen Hoffman
Marian Hubler
Kurt Huget
Mark Hummel
Matt Jaffe
Arthur Javier
Charity Kahn
Carla Kaufman
Johnny Kearns
Steve Keating
Stefanie Keys
Art Khu
Jesse Lee Kincaid
Keystone Crossing
Lisa Kindred
Madeleine King
Kitten on the Keys
John Kiyasu
Mike Klein
Lucy Krakow
Jane Kramer
Linda Kosut
Rich Kuhns
Emily Kurn
Jef Labes
Gabriel Lambirth
Peter Lamson
La Peña Community Chorus
Dan Lange
Francesca Lee
Michael Lee
Dorothy Lefkovits
John Chase Lewis
Lord Carrett
Allison Lovejoy
Olga Loya
David A. Lusterman
Zanne Mack
Magic Jeanne
Gary Malkin
Marin Children's Chorus
Marin Dance Theatre
Mark McDonald
McQuilkin & Goldberg
Roy Marcom
Ira Marlowe
Tina Marzell
Zachary Mathe
John McCormick
Rory McNamara
George McNeil
Steve Meckfessel
Karen Melander-Magoon
John Miller
Natasha Miller
Miss Kitty
Mister YooWho
Moonlight Rodeo
James Moseley Band
Charles Moselle
Gail Muldrow
Peter Munks
Lauren & Judge Murphy
Music Medicine
Scot Nery
Dan Newman
Tom Neylan
Jim & Morning Nichols
Nick Barone Puppets
Frederick Nighthawk
Tom Noddy
Jim Nunally
Jimmi O
Oakland Interfaith Gospel
Oakland Jazz Choir
Earl Oliver "The Walkin' Blues Man"
Frank Olivier
Neil O'Neill
Zachary Ostroff
Micha Patri
Erik Pearson
Eric Pederson
Don Pender
Max Perkoff
Si Perkoff
Melanie Phippard
Regina Pontillo
Sandy Popovich
Michael Pritchard
Pure Ecstasy
Marky Lynn Quayle
Jackie Rago
Shaynee Rainbolt
Wiley Rankin
Eric Rawlins
Lisa Redfern
Dan Reich
Alex Reisman
Rhythm Doctors
Jonathan Richman
Irina Rivkin
Paul Robinson
Rock Steady Juggling
Daniel Rosenthal
Diana Rowan
Gary Rowe
Tommy Rox
Claudia Russell and the Folk Unlimited Orchestra
Samantha Russell
Walker T. Ryan
Kristina Sablan
Donald Sage
Theresa Sawi
Peek Sawyer
Billy Schafer
Gayle Schmitt
Betty Schneider/Voice and Soul
Schuster, Draper & Bay
Michael Schwartz
Mike Scott
Rachel Sedacca
Michelle Sell
Alex Sheh
Jim Shelburne
Phil Sheridan
Madeline Sheron
The Shut-Ins
The Sibling Brothers
Andrew Skewes Cox
Megan Slankard
Gene Smith
Tom Solinger
Barbara Sorensen
Tucker Spolter
Wanda Stafford
Lucille Steele
Jim Stevens
Walter Strauss
Super Gigi
Marlina Teich
David Thom
Alan Thomas
Cami Thompson
Tom Torriglia
Adam Traum
Teresa Tudury
Uncle Eye
Duane Van Dieman
Bruce Victor
Christina Waldeck
Cathi Walkup
Marni Warner
Beth Waters
Benny Watson
Norm Weintraub
Jim Whiteside
Wesla Whitfield
Linda Wiggins
Amy Wigton
Eric Wiley
Austin Willacy
Gini Wilson
Lily Wilson
Deborah Winters
Faith Winthrop
Women Sing
Wendy Worsley
George Yamasaki
Stuart Yasaki
Miena Yoo
Young Performers International
Jennifer Youngdahl
Susan Z.
Anne Zesiger
Rusty Zinn

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“My commitment to serving humanity inspires me to support Bread & Roses.” -Carlos Santana

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